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Why Improve Your Backyard?

Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to embrace the great outdoors. Taking trips with the family to the Rocky Mountains and Alberta’s marvellous lakes is a favourite pastime for many Canadians. 


It’s also the perfect season for sitting back and relaxing in your backyard while marvelling at your wonderful home. And you can do that by upgrading your home’s outdoor living space


Here is what you can do with yours and why you should consider doing it. 


How Can I Improve My Outdoor Living Space? 


We have moved on from the time when your backyard was just a patio and some chairs. It’s about an extension of your home. 


With the experienced team of Ultimate Renovations behind you, you can transform your backyard into something that is uniquely yours. 


Here are some ways you can do it: 


  • Create an outdoor living room. You can include everything from cozy couches to a large TV or projector. Take the indoors outside with this unique space.
  • Add a fireplace or spa to your patio. Who doesn’t love to sit back and relax near a fire? Why wouldn’t you embrace a spa if presented to you? The best thing about these additions is that you can use them year-round. 
  • Create a (dream room) outside! You can add an at-home workspace, dining room, or even bedroom if you wish to your patio. We can design and construct it in such a way that it’s beautifully individual but also part of your home’s decor. 
  • Build a full-feature kitchen. From grills to sinks, from pizza ovens to bars, you can extend your kitchen outdoors with special designs and creations. Cooking outdoors has been this fun or accessible. 
  • Add a loaded gym. There is nothing better than exercising outdoors. The fresh air in the morning will do wonders for you. You can extend your living space by adding a fully-loaded gym with treadmills, bikes, and weights. Connect the Bluetooth speaker, and you’ll have music to get you going. Also, don’t forget the yoga mats! 


While these are just some ideas for your outdoor living space, you have the freedom to do as you wish. Our home renovators can provide you with guidance and advice based on your ideas and lifestyle goals. 


(When’s the time of year to make home improvements? Read our Guide to find out


Why Improve My Home’s Backyard? 


There are many advantages to investing in enhancing your outdoor living spaces. Here are the most important benefits to note:  


Great for the Whole Year. Upgrading your backyard means you get to enjoy it more often throughout the year. Many of Ultimate’s designs and creations are functional in that they can be used all year round. You owe it to yourself to spend the time outdoors as much as possible; we can help you do it. 

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Increases Your Home’s Value. If you ever plan to sell your home (why would you if it’s this marvellous?), you can expect a tidy increase back on your investment. Functional, unique and high-quality outdoor living spaces are eye-catching and appealing to buyers and investors alike. 


Boost Your Home’s Visual Appeal. If there is ever something to blow away potential buyers (and your guests), it is a functional, gorgeous backyard design. Watch as your people marvel at your home’s beautiful backyard layout. 


Extend Your Living Space. Sometimes, life might seem a little cramped. You can make more room for yourself and your family by extending your home outdoors. Not only will you get to enjoy more space, but you’ll also get to do it outside. 


More Enjoyment For You, Friends & Family. Why invest in something if you are not going to enjoy it with your loved ones? Whether it’s a kitchen or living room extension, luxury outdoor living spaces allow you, your family and friends to enjoy quality time, having a fun and exciting experience. You can even transform it into a space just for you when you want some quiet time. 


Enjoy Your Summer Now With Our Home Renovators 


There is no better time to enhance your outdoor space than now. Ultimate Renovations is ready to help you with all your outdoor living space designs and creations. 


With our team’s experience, knowledge and eye-for-details, you’ll be enjoying the outdoors this summer and beyond. Speak to our team today. 


Ultimate Homes & Renovations is Calgary’s only 11-time “Renovator of the Year”. Our mission is to bring your home to life. For over 40 years, we have established ourselves as the industry’s elite team of contractors for complete home renovations in Calgary and Edmonton. Our quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and our ability to exceed expectations are how we have established ourselves as the renovator of choice for homeowners. Contact us at (403)-287-3122 (Calgary) or (780)-430-6441 (Edmonton).

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