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What Is The Difference Between Restoration & Renovation?

What makes your home special is the memories that are made inside. It’s why many homeowners look towards renovating or restoring their homes, so they can continue making these precious memories with family and friends. 


However, these terms – renovation and restoration – do not mean the same thing. You can be forgiven for assuming each of these terms are completely interchangeable, as most homeowners do. But in fact, they mean different things entirely. 


Let’s look at the differences between both, so you know how to continue making your home special. 


What Does Restoration Mean? 


Restoration is the process in which you return your current home to its original condition. 


This type of construction typically occurs for historic-listed homes or buildings, although many modern homes also undergo restoration as homeowners want to cement their style and pass it down. 


Restoration is for you if you wish to: 


  • Maintain the historical nature and authenticity of your home 
  • If your home is considered “historical” and recreating its previous structure is mandatory


From a design perspective, restorations are not overly difficult to work around, as it requires following the structure and layout of the current home. 


Overall, restoration projects aim at restoring your home, maintaining its authenticity and original form.


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What is a Home Renovation in Calgary? 


Complete home renovations can be described as improving your home by upgrading what’s already present, modernizing the look and feel of your house. You are “renewing” parts of your home instead of restoring it to what it once was, making it more functional, liveable and presentable.  


You can change the structure, space and layout of your home and can include adding new components. 

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home with Island and Stainless Steel

An example would be renovating the kitchen by changing its decor (such as changing the floors), altering its layout (repositioning the items and countertops) and installing new appliances. Renovations can also include external upgrades, transforming the aesthetics of your home and enhancing its curb appeal. 


Compared to restorations, renovations offer you more creative freedoms to create a dream house, entirely in your image. This is why many homeowners opt for a renovation over a restoration when possible.  


This level of creative freedom can result in numerous benefits, including: 


  • Making your home align with your personal tastes
  • Improving the functionality and aesthetics of your home, increasing your quality of life
  • Enhancing and increase property value 
  • Improving energy efficiency 
  • Maintaining the quality and living standards of your home


When the opportunity presents itself, always consider renovating your property as opposed to restoring it. Investing in renovations can satisfy your creative desires while ensuring you improve your current home for decades to come.  


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