Your basement isn’t just the place where you store all your stuff! But what if your basement’s long been a damp cave instead of the kind of space you can show off to friends and family? Home renovations in Edmonton, especially basement renovations, will help you transform an underutilized (or completely unfinished) part of your house and make it a space you can revel in.


From a quiet study to a home theatre or bustling home office, your next man-cave or hen-den might be just a renovation or remodel away. With a complete home renovator like us, interior design considerations and gold-standard contractor workmanship grant us the balance between ideation and execution that you’ll need to place this keystone space on your home renovation checklist.


Essential Considerations for Basement Renovations in Edmonton

Basements are full of possibilities; it’s such a tragedy when they’re just relegated to storage space. Whether you’re building out compartmentalized bedrooms for maximum privacy and capacity or turning it into a wide-open space to serve as a secondary living room, you can bet you’ll be happier with more living space. If you’re considering a regulated secondary residential suite, then all elements of renovations will be required, along with special permits.


With good basement renovations in Edmonton, you can turn your basement into a brimming family room, potentially by adding a wet bar. Feel free to create spaces that help you realize your dream home, falling anywhere between eclectic solo hobbies to harmonious family living. Here are some considerations for basement renovations you might not have thought of before approaching a boutique home renovator.


Soundproofing & Noise Dampening

Nothing disturbs like having a noisy basement. If you’re planning on using your basement as a family playroom or an office where you’re frequently on the phone, you’ll want to soundproof it. Soundproofing is much easier said than done, so you might want to ask about sound dampening instead. Proofing is the process of preventing noise from entering or exiting a space, but dampening gets you close to this ideal.


There are many different ways to noise dampen a space, and the best way depends on the basement’s size and shape, as well as the use case for the area. You can make your basement a quiet and peaceful place with good dampening, even when you run a budding rock band or family music festival out of your basement.



Framing is the process of creating the basic structure of a building. The frame comprises the walls, floors, and roof of a building. In a basement renovation, the framing is vital because it determines the shape and size of the basement and how its walls will carve out the space.


It’s crucial to select a robust frame in your basement renovation to maximize the space and make it look good. It should also be thick enough to include the soundproofing or insulation layers you’d like built into the basement’s walls. The frame also has to be strong enough to support the weight of the level above, planned carefully around any required load-bearing supports.


Ductwork is the system of air ducts that deliver heating and cooling to a building. The ductwork in a basement renovation is essential because it determines the airflow in the space below ground. It’s vital to choose a sound ductwork system for your basement renovation to control the temperature and the air quality in the basement and avoid that crushingly drafty feeling.


Without an excellent ducting system, your basement could be too hot or too cold, especially in the depths of winter, despite quality insulation in the walls. As you set out the framing, you might consider how ductwork can distribute more temperate air in the home. Most builders today fail to include adequate ductwork, including things like cold air returns in basement, so be sure this isn’t overlooked when you begin developing or remodeling the space.


Bathroom Renovations in Your Edmonton Basement

gorgeous bathroom renovations with the latest trends and features

To create the best space you can get from basement renovations, a bathroom remodel could be the critical component you’re missing. Your perfect study room, private sports bar, or home theatre is made complete when you add that extra layer of comfort, removing the need to hike upstairs when nature calls. It can also effectively turn your basement into a guest house, allowing your guests to sleep, shower, and dress for the day in adequate privacy.


Important Construction & Design Considerations


Design Considerations

There are many design considerations when renovating a basement. These include the layout of the space, the lighting, and the finishes. The layout of the space is quintessential because it determines how the space will be used. From there, you can decide on framing, ducting, soundproofing, and insulation needs based on your intentions for the space.


While framing structure, insulation, drywalling, and flooring are all critical, the lighting fixtures you choose are not to be underestimated. There’s so much potential in this area, from track lighting to floodlights, and it begins in the design phase.


Great lighting sets the mood of the space, so you may want to consider this early on in your design. Doing so could help you define the luxuriousness of the space and cut down on the reliance you might have on lamps which can quickly clutter up the space with cords. The finishes themselves are important because they determine the ultimate style of the space.


Luxury vinyl plank flooring has become a popular choice for homeowners due to its style and durability, and the options for countertops, cabinetry and hardware are almost endless. Basement remodeling is a great way to add value to your home and make your basement into a usable space. With good planning and execution, you can create a basement that’s both comfortable and exceedingly stylish.

For anything basement renovation-related in Calgary, we’re poised to provide the same quality and consideration for completing your dream basement in either of the two biggest Albertan cities. Let’s talk design and go from there!

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Some might think that home renovations in Calgary are typically done in the spring and summertime. Albertans know, all-too-well, just how little warm weather we experience making it challenging to squeeze every home renovation project into such a small timeframe. That leaves many Albertans wondering if renovation projects can be tackled in the winter months.

Fortunately, the answer is yes! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why completing home renovations in Calgary during the winter can be advantageous.

H2: Benefits of Winter Renovations in Calgary

Lower Demand & Great Sales

Since the spring & summer months are peak times for home renovations in Calgary, it can be more expensive to secure materials, especially at competitive prices. By renovating through the winter you’re avoiding the seasonal rush on many popular building materials. You’re also able to take advantage of great sales during Black Friday, Boxing Day, and end-of-year sales by large manufacturers and distributors, making the furnishing process more affordable.  

More In Touch With Our Homes

Naturally, we’re also spending more time indoors during the winter months. This can give us a better sense of what’s working well in our home, as well as what pinch points or design flaws have us dreaming of a new space. This makes it a great time to start in the planning phase of your renovation so you’re ready to go out the gate in springtime, rather than just beginning. Depending on the scale of your renovation, the design and selections phase can be lengthy, making now the perfect time to get started!

Renovate While You Vacation

The winter months might also be a great time to schedule your home renovations in Calgary if you head south to escape the cold. Most renovations can be completed whilst you live at home, but for more extensive projects you might be more comfortable elsewhere. Renovating during your snow-bird months can be a great way to avoid displacement, and, make coming home that much sweeter. Can’t head south? No worries, Ultimate Renovations even has homes you can stay in while they renovate yours.

A Time of Reflection & Predictions

During the winter months we also see a recap of highlights from the current year, and, a host of new ideas in the renovation and design industry with predictions for new trends, colours, and furnishings in the year ahead. This makes it a great time to execute on proven concepts and stay ahead of the game by capitalizing on the latest and greatest styles.

Minimize Disruption to Your Family

Last but not least, if you have kids, renovating during the winter months can be much easier than in the summer when they’re off school and constantly looking to be entertained. Minimize disruption to their routine, and keep fewer balls in the air at once by tackling your renovation in winter.

Ultimate Homes & Renovations is Calgary’s only 11-time “Renovator of the Year”. Our mission is to bring your home to life. For over 42 years, we have established ourselves as the industry’s elite team of contractors for complete home renovations in Calgary and Edmonton. Our quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and our ability to exceed expectations are how we have established ourselves as the renovator of choice for homeowners. Contact us at (403)-287-3122 (Calgary) or (780)-430-6441 (Edmonton).