The Best House Renovation Interior Ideas for Old Homes

Whether it’s a Victorian home or grand-old mansion, plenty of homeowners want to bring their property into their 21st century. If you are one of these individuals, you might be concerned that you require extensive home renovations in Calgary to see a substantial difference. 

That’s not the case at all. In fact, by focusing on your home’s interior, and combining it with the old-style exterior, you can create a unique environment that blends the best of both. 

Making slight adjustments to the interior of your old home can make a huge difference in its overall feeling, ambience and atmosphere. We have created a list of the best home renovations interior ideas that can transform your home’s interior. 

7 of the Best Home Renovation Interior Ideas 

Install Hardwood Flooring 

A significant way in which you can enhance your home’s interior, both stylistically and functionally, is to install sleek hardwood flooring. With an array of high-quality wooden floors available, including red and white oak, bamboo, walnut and mahogany, in a selection of colors, you can transform your home. You might need a professional Calgary home renovations company to handle the installation, but this interior design is worth the investment, as it will increase the value of your home. 

Styling Up With Tiles

Don’t ignore the potential for tiles in your home. Whether for your kitchen or bathroom renovations in Calgary, tiles can genuinely make a unique difference to any room. Adding tiles to your wall will create a “feature” wall that amplifies your room. 

Embrace An Open Design Layout 

Nothing creates a more welcoming environment than designing an open plan layout. By creating a design where people can move freely, and giving the sense that there is more room than there actually is, you open up your home. It also allows for further extensions and home additions if required. You can apply this design approach to your foyers, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. 


Open Up Your Space With Lights 

Lighting can make or break even the best interior design. Make sure that when designing your home renovations in Calgary, you include plenty of lighting options. Whether it’s pendant lamps or hanging lights, having plenty of lighting opens up the space in your home and brings attention to sections within your design. It also helps with the functionality and flexibility of creating a special atmosphere by having more than just one standard light. 

Restyle Your Walls 

Painting your home’s interiors can make a massive difference to the atmosphere of your home. A new coat of paint in engaging white colors, such as Mascarpone, White Dove and Cloud Cover, will enhance the appearance of your home, creating a comfortable zone. Darker colors make the room smaller, so avoid them when possible. If painting is not an option, you can also install wallpaper with significant trends. Decorate your home with wallpapers that have attractive and unusual patterns, color, and designs. 

Incorporate Slick Additions 

With slick and un-cumbersome additions, such as showers, baths, ovens and dishwashers, you can create a modern feeling to your old-style home. It offers a sweet contrast that can clearly distinguish the main points of the house while providing a contemporary edge to your traditional home.

Going Green

Eco-friendly additions can impress your guests as well as creating a fresh, outdoor experience within your home. Eco-friendly designs can create a fair balance for your interior by inviting a comfortable approach. Add plants, grass, and incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly interior design ideas. You might have to maintain the plants, so aim for ones that do not require a lot of effort. 

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