With a new year comes new opportunities to improve your daily living. Upgrading your homes floorplans and features will undoubtedly provide you with a more functional space to kick the year off right. Transforming the lives of our clients by reimagining their homes has always been a key motivator for us here at Ultimate Renovations; the genuine satisfaction that comes with it has kept us at the top of our game for over 40 years. As one of Alberta’s leading home renovation companies, we’re proud to provide the highest quality and expertise in all areas of home renovation. This month, we will focus on the best kitchen renovations in Calgary for 2023.

The Heart of the Home: Keep Your Kitchen Cooking


The importance of designing your kitchen in a way that supports your lifestyle cannot be understated. Cooking isn’t just about fueling your body; it’s a way to connect to local farmers, family members, friends, and might even be your chance to craft something beautiful in a day. And, just like at a fine restaurant, presentation is everything. Access to an inspiring, clean, spacious, organized cookery makes all the difference when it comes to the daily preparation of your household’s snacks and meals. This is why time and time again, kitchen renovations tend to take priority in home remodelling projects.  We have chosen this area as our feature for the first month of 2023 to emphasize the importance of living well and enjoying daily routines. Here are some of the biggest kitchen renovation trends you can expect to see in 2023.

Working Gardens and Outdoor Kitchens


Going green seems to be a trend in continuous evolution. More and more people are understanding the importance of synergy between the natural environment and their daily lives, and are looking for ways to make that connection easy. That’s why outdoor kitchens and backyard gardens have never been more popular. Gone are the days of boring grassy yards and standalone barbeques: now, it’s about combining the kitchen, outdoor space, and garden in one.

Backyard areas are growing to include beautifully landscaped working gardens and fully stoked outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens, icemakers, smokers, and more. Rather than lounging around, households are opting to increase their backyard ROI by honing their gardening skills and experimenting with outdoor cooking. Feast all of your senses and make the most of not just your home, but your lot too, with a luxurious outdoor kitchenette featuring homegrown fresh ingredients. 

outdoor kitchen area with several barbecues under a veranda

A beautifully transformed outdoor kitchen space.

Smart Technology


Providing convenience and controls that older kitchens simply can’t support, today’s technology is providing busy families with an edge, revolutionizing their daily routines. Being able to control your appliances— for example, preheating your oven from the grocery store on the way home— means cutting down on prepping and cooking time. Set your smart appliances to start cooking at a certain time while monitoring and controlling temperatures remotely. Some smart fridges even allow you to scan your items as you store them to note stock levels and expiration dates, providing reminders when important items may be dwindling. You can even order groceries online from these refrigerator screens. Voice-activated smart controls can provide unprecedented convenience if your hands are full with tonight’s dinner. The smart options are truly endless and constantly evolving.

Multi-Purpose Islands


Finally, if you’re considering a simple yet powerful kitchen update— one that demands less hands-on work than a garden and doesn’t involve upgrading your appliances — a custom island might be the right choice for you. Rather than settling for just a floating countertop, homeowners are opting for multifunctionality. Custom island features range from built-in wine racks and additional freezer and fridge drawers all the way to unique pull-outs, hidden storage, and eat-up bars. These inclusive spaces promote the warmth and casual interactions that a traditional dining room setting might hinder, and, add a convenient touch to the busiest room in the house.

Expert Kitchen Renovations in Calgary


Up the spice in your life with one of these beautiful kitchen renovations or allow our incredible design team to tailor something even more unique to you! As one of Alberta’s premier home renovation companies, Ultimate Renovations takes pride in providing the ultimate home renovation experience. Contact us today to find out more about the cutting-edge options waiting for your kitchen

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