As we wrap up 2022, it’s time to take a look at the ultimate trends that defined this year. While we’ve all made a return to sharing spaces both public and private, homeowners are still making tweaks to their living spaces to enhance their comfort and joy at home. With the Canadian home improvement industry growing steadily by an average of 1-2% each year since 2015, it’s no surprise to see trends emerging from the constant flow of remodeling projects.



So where exactly have people been spending their dollars? Below are three areas that we have seen homeowners invest in as we continue into another busy year of renovations.


Outdoor Enhancement


More and more homeowners are taking full advantage of outdoor living, a trend we love at Ultimate Renovations. Outdoor living spaces have become a highly sought after area in peoples home as we see backyards be redefined into secondary kitchen and dining spaces, heated and covered decks for entertaining, and even garden spaces to grow food and stay connected to nature. And with good reason! While these spaces allow people to prioritize their time outside, they also benefit from spaces that go far beyond functional. Offering both sanctuary and privacy, these spaces also offer great return on investment by adding a unique selling feature to your home come time to move on.


But how can this be accomplished in a climate so fickle as Alberta? Ultimate Renovations provides the solutions homeowners need to enjoy the great outdoors year-round, with our specialty being the ability to extend your living space to your own backyard. Rather than dismissing our colder seasons, Ultimate Renovations provides patio solutions that make enjoying your outdoor living space a year-round blessing.


Going Green With Eco-Friendly Upgrades


Continuing with the theme of natural living, in 2022 we have seen more homeowners making an effort to integrate eco-friendly themes into their home upgrades. This looks like going green with decorative houseplants and indoor gardens as well as prioritizing environmentally conscious features such as energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Alberta homes are growing in sound, sustainable solutions that incorporate environmentally conscious features into luxury home upgrades. 


Beyond being fashionable, these improvements add long-term value to the home and open up potential access to economic benefits such as grants, rebates and lower energy bills. Solar power upgrades are a prime example of this. As more folks realize the simple pleasures of connecting with nature at home, themes of green living are abound in the home improvement sector. 


Home Offices and Work Spaces


Finally, as no surprise, home offices and workspaces are becoming more and more popular as the workforce continues to evolve. Although in most cases remote work is no longer mandatory, many folks discovered the benefits of working from home through the pandemic and have decided to keep the lifestyle change. Beyond the challenges of recent world health events, as the world goes digital and bring-your-own-device culture soars, it has become less necessary to head into the office than ever before.



As a result, many homeowners are truly investing in comfortable, productive home office spaces. The younger market of new homeowners also sees an increasing amount of spare bedrooms and extra space being converted into functional work areas that go beyond a desk setup. Creative studios, workshops, production areas and even storage and shipping spaces are popping up in households across the country. A house is no longer just a home: as recent trends have demonstrated, home-based businesses are increasingly popular thanks to the pandemic providing a perfect leaping point for many entrepreneurs. 


Invest in Your Home


To conclude this month’s posting, we hope you found this brief list informative of the most popular home renovation trends in 2022. While you can’t go wrong with these upgrades, never hesitate to explore and expand beyond these popular trends. Ultimate Renovations is here to provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to make all of your home renovation dreams come true, whatever they may be!


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