A good renovation company gets the job done. An exceptional renovation company brings much more to the table with value, experience, expertise and unmatched capability. At Ultimate Renovations, we take pride in providing our clients with results they can cherish for years to come. This is why we consistently exceed expectations by offering solutions that go beyond the ordinary – such as the amazing services of our custom cabinetry shop.


Welcome to the Shop


At Ultimate Renovations, we understand that the perfect result often requires a deeper vein of creativity. One of the ways we provide this is through our custom cabinetry shop. Our shop has been in operation since 2008 and is overseen by our shop manager, Corky, who has been with us for over a decade. Corky works very closely with Dan and Larry in the office to ensure that our custom cabinetry and carpentry team – Daryl, Kyu-Cheol (Kevin), Bill, and Gabe – provide the Ultimate experience. Together, they bridge the gap with our designers, Miriam, Natalie, and Jeff, to craft the best solutions and custom options possible. 


Through this incredibly collaborative effort, the team at Ultimate Renovations offers unparalleled custom cabinetry solutions for any project. Our clients receive a build and style that suits their vision instead of settling for anything less.


The Brilliance of Our Shop


Having our own cabinetry shop provides us with a unique advantage that benefits both our business and our clients. A few reasons this works well are outlined below:


      1. Closed-Circuit Solutions: Rather than outsourcing work to another team or dealing with additional companies and contractors, our shop ensures that you get the cohesive cabinetry solutions best suited to your needs. When it comes to custom cabinetry, having in-house production and design offers us a degree of control over both quality and scheduling that would be hard to obtain through sub trade or third parties.                                                                   
      2.  The Sky’s the Limit: Have a unique cabinetry idea for your custom home design? Want a kitchen cupboard that’s not off the assembly line? Our team will help you create the perfect cabinetry selection for your lifestyle and personality, from conception to completion. Choose the material, finish, and more from our vast selection of locally sourced materials while testing inspired ideas with our roster of experts.                                                     
      3.  Expertise You Can Count On: Ultimate Renovations has been in business for over 4 decades, and we hold a high standard of excellence for construction and workmanship. This has served us – and our clients – well in all aspects. We take pride in our team, and it shows by the careers that they have developed with us. The majority of the crew in our shop have been running the machines here for over a decade. This means that our clients get guaranteed quality experience and service.                                            
      4. Seamless Integration: Working with the Ultimate Renovation shop ensures that your custom cabinetry is perfectly aligned with the rest of your project. Rather than adding unnecessary complications to the job, we make great use of our teams practiced communication by working within the other aspects of the renovation design, project plan, and timeline. Get the cabinetry you desire with the same Ultimate quality you expect.





    Thoughtfully designed for class and convenience.


    About Our Process, Tools, and Materials


    Our custom cabinetry experience is tailored to provide the best value, quality, and workmanship possible. We achieve exceptional results by hiring the best and maintaining a level of professionalism and quality control that ensure consistent results.


    Once the plan has been finalized, all of our cabinetry is computer designed and cut on our CNC router to guarantee expediency and accuracy. We use both traditional and modern machinery to build and achieve the perfect results. Our team is proficient with whichever tool is required to accomplish whatever the task demands, from hand planes to wide belt sanders. 


    Cabinet construction is almost always accomplished with full ¾” material for a solid feel and the same durability. When it comes to hardware such as hinges, slides, and other accessories, we use Blum. This includes soft closing on hinges and drawer slides as our standard, offering supple movement with outstanding durability.




    Unique solutions designed to complement your home.

    The Ultimate Solution


    Without the proper storage space, life can get cluttered – fast. It’s a simple fact that having a messy and disorganized home can lead to extra stress and unnecessary dysfunction. But without the right storage space, it can be a massive challenge to get your home in order. Having proper cabinetry that is intuitive to use and convenient for your household is an unbeatable advantage for the home of your dreams. Ultimate Renovations is proud to ensure that our clients have access to this top-notch value along with their desired custom features.


    Some of our client’s favourite features that we can execute include:


        • Pantry pull-out

        • Waste bin & recycling pullout

        • Utensil & knife block pullout

        • LeMans corner cabinet swivel shelves

        • Wood spice drawer inserts and/or spice pullouts

        • Wood tray dividers for things like baking sheets

        • Utensil/cutlery tray drawer inserts

        • Pot lid, freezer, and appliance drawers and garages


      These are just a few of the features that our custom cabinetry shop can perfectly place within your home. Whether you are looking for cabinets in your dream kitchen, master bathroom, or basement bar – Ultimate Renovations has the right solution for you.



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