The kitchen is one of the most luxury-defining spaces in your home and is not often thought of as a primary living space. But, that could be a mistake as we tend to spend so much time in our kitchens, especially during the holidays and when entertaining. When you’re busy meal prepping, practicing the foodie arts, or even migrating your guests to get another drink, the kitchen has this pull that always seems to draw us back in. It’s a living space in disguise if you think about it! All the more reason to make habitability a key criterion for your custom kitchen.


When you build a kitchen, you can shape one of the most vital parts of your home to your own tastes and even your broadest visions. Your home interior’s appeal will be that much better when your kitchen looks beautiful and functions well, too — and renovations & custom homes alike can deliver beautiful aesthetics and perfectly tailored features to meet your needs. But where to begin? Let’s talk all things kitchen, so you can get your best custom home builds in Calgary centred around your dream kitchen.

Design Considerations



Many people have a traditional approach to cabinets, where the space is used for hiding dishware or storing kitchen goods (even substituting formal pantry space). But when you get custom cabinets, you can opt for decorative doors and hidden accessory panels to mix the practical and aesthetic look you’re going for. Imagine opaque doors holding your kitchenware discreetly while transparent-faced curio cabinets showcase your best china and glassware—or your seasonal centrepieces. By going custom, you have the ability to uniquely shape the look and features in your kitchen, introducing both personality and style.

Another essential piece to consider is the height of your cabinetry. It will affect the overall look of your kitchen area, but it comes down to personal preference. Cupboards that reach the ceiling make your kitchen appear taller, but practically speaking, it can be harder to access the top shelves. Still, other features like bulkheads can save the day. By eliminating dusty ledges and providing the foundation for additional lighting, bulkheads can be a great way to achieve the look you’re going for. They make the space look richer by avoiding that awkward gap between cabinet and ceiling that often becomes home to dust bunnies and cliché décor. Alternatively, false fronts can give the illusion of full-height cabinetry without building the entire unit itself.


When designing your kitchen cabinets, consider the space between the top of your counters and the bottom of your cabinets. Counter space in cookie-cutter homes has a short distance between counter and cupboards, and you might get a little claustrophobic when cooking. Nowadays, custom home builders suggest every homeowner leave more space between countertops and cupboards for style and safety reasons.

Installing islands with new gas, electrical, and water lines could also shift the way you manage your kitchen space and open new possibilities for upper and lower cabinets on the walls. 

Pantries, Accessories & Prep Kitchens

formal kitchen pantry dedicated to spacious storage with minimal and heavy wood sliding door

Starting from a custom home build is easiest, but the effect can be exceptionally dramatic if you transform your existing space with a kitchen remodel. Maximizing your kitchen with modern accessories and hidden features could be the key to unlocking the potential of your dream kitchen.

If opting for a formal pantry, ensure you include multipurpose shelves and prioritize easy access. After all, a functional and expansive pantry could provide the ultimate decluttering effect by allowing you to opt for a more minimalist feel with open shelving in the main kitchen area. By going big, you might also consider an overhanging pantry trellis if you want to keep your kitchen cabinetry reserved for display pieces. 


Alternatively, opt for a hideaway pantry with slide-out racks and shelves. While walk-in pantries have a traditional aesthetic, hideaway ones have a futuristic appeal with outstanding practicality. While you’re at it, include a variety of pull-out options at your disposal, including spice racks, garbage and recycling bins, and built-in cutting boards. Use leman’s corner cabinets for easy reach, keep your pot and pan lids organized on a dedicated shelf beneath your stove, and keep your cookie sheets in order with arranged vertical dividers.


Another great aesthetic saver is a dedicated prep kitchen or a kitchen island that includes essential appliances so as to allow you to prioritize wall space for dedicated storage and display features. However you decide to configure your dream kitchen, it should have a balance between aesthetics and ease of use to really impress your guests.




Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of your kitchen, so plan to have options for mood lighting as well as brightness. Its impact on making your kitchen attractive just can’t be underestimated.

You should have enough light in your kitchen to cook without difficulty. But having only heavy-duty lighting might be a mistake. You can also install under cabinet lighting for a luxurious aesthetic. Some of the best custom home builders in Calgary also highly recommend dimmers for heavy-duty lighting. That way, you can entertain in the kitchen after you’ve done your cooking under sufficient lighting, and it won’t clash with auxiliary mood lighting. It can fall anywhere from industrial kitchen lighting standards to a nice dim party ambience.




Above all, the style and design of the kitchen are vital, and they demand a professional hand to bring your vision to life. You should think about the overall design and resale value of your house when building a customized kitchen; an over-the-top kitchen could make all the difference if your home is lacking in other ways. Professional work ensures that it passes muster on resale home inspections.

So what about different tastes? While a timeless design for your kitchen can go a long way, you may not want to play it conservatively on this decade’s trends. But that doesn’t mean you can’t blend trendy features with timeless ones. That’s the beauty of planning all things kitchen from the ground up. Your vision is one you can share with your family, your guests, and anyone who moves in after you’re gone.

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