Interior renovations are a big decision, and the benefits are tremendous. You can upgrade your home not just for function but for striking visual and aesthetic effect, making your home new, beautiful, and fresh—if you bring in visionary professionals. Ultimate Renovations is a company that can help you decide on a direction and can execute your vision for home renovations. In particular, Calgarians looking for kitchen renovations have some unique choices that will wow dinner guests and make your kitchen a foodie Mecca.


While we can certainly create a stunning design for those who are open to any style or aesthetic, most homeowners already have an idea of what they want to see. Still, you might want to keep an eye on the design trends hitting Alberta in 2022 to get some ideas going.


Trends are a bit subjective; there’s no accounting for taste, after all. But we keep up with trends to show customers which way the [chinook] wind is blowing. You never know when you might see a trendy kitchen reno style you want to impress upon your home, lasting for decades to come. Without further ado, here are some fantastic styles lighting up kitchen renovations as of 2022.

Stylish Trends in Kitchen Renovation

Indoor-Outdoor style living, made possible by bi-folding or sliding back doors, opens tremendous space from the kitchen out through the back door. It can dramatically increase your kitchen space by bringing the indoors directly into the outdoors. Think of the extended patios of bars on 17th Ave., and imagine that in your kitchen!


Closed floorplan kitchens are also poised to become popular. The working-from-home requirements in recent years have made it more difficult to find more private do-not-disturb spaces. While joining dining rooms or living rooms and kitchens by taking walls out has been a common theme for some time—this recent need for secluded nooks has even reached the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Trends in Colours

All white kitchen aesthetic showcasing white countertops

All-white surfaces have been trendy for a few years. But whether that pattern continues to hold remains to be seen. Still, it’s a lovely aesthetic. From countertops to cabinetry, perhaps even to white appliances, a few cool shades of white bring out a stunning effect. It should have the effect of blending seamlessly in with your wall colour for maximum appeal. While your appliances could blend in nicely as a uniform shade of white, stainless steel provides a softer, indirect contrast, far more gracefully than black appliances could.


If you want to stay on top of the trends, however, consider adding flashes of very bright or warm colours like gold or even pink on cabinet handles and backsplashes to add some character to the expansive white shades.


Another newer colour trend for spaces like your kitchen revolves around nature. Nature-inspired colours like dark greens, teals, lighter greens could make your kitchen renovation imitate the kind of greenery we have less of in Calgary after the spring and summer months. It can also follow the latest aesthetic trend of bringing the outdoors inside.

Calgary Kitchen Renovation Trends in Materials

Consistent with the nature-inspired and indoor-to-outdoor movement seen in colours and styles is the 2022 trend for renovation materials. If you’re getting into earthy or plant-like tones when colouring your cabinetry, the obvious next step is to return to varnished wood highlights on walls or trim. Nevertheless, cooler white granites or marble could provide a nice blending effect with the stark whites that have been popular in past years.


With its cast-iron materials, unvarnished wood, and even pottery, the farmhouse aesthetic may be waning in 2022. But distressed or unvarnished wood could provide the preferred look, even when coupled with stark whites that have already had their day in the sun.


Trends come and go, so whatever you choose, it should be something that you love. If you ever need a second opinion on the benefits of following any given renovation design trend, feel free to contact us!

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