With the beautiful spring weather slowly making its way over Alberta, many homeowners are planning the next steps to their home improvements. 

There is a common belief that spring and summer are the ideal times, weatherwise, to start and finish home improvements.

However, you can organize and commence home improvements and renovations at any time during the year. 

There are no limitations to what renovations can be done, only that certain projects are better suited for specific seasons than others. 

Let’s look at the best time of year for specific home renovations. 


Home Renovations in Calgary & Edmonton – Season by Season


Spring & Summertime – Outdoor Living Spaces & Exterior Renovations 

As the days get longer, spring and summer times are ideal for homeowners to commence their outdoor living and exterior renovation projects. 


Outliving spaces can include full feature kitchens, patios and fireplaces, and act as an extension of your home’s interior; a virtually endless list of creative projects that can satisfy your functional and aesthetic desires while allowing you to enjoy an authentic outdoor experience. 


These projects can result in a high return on your investment, increase your home’s space and value while ensuring that you get to enjoy the outdoors more often – both during and after summer. 


As for exterior improvements, you can enhance your home’s quality and improve its energy efficiency by installing and replacing your siding and roofing and updating your home’s framing and masonry features. 


The sunny and longer days allow renovation companies, like Ultimate Renovations, to work efficiently and within the desired timeframe due to fewer weather delays. 


Significantly, it also sets you to enjoy these lovely outdoor experiences beyond the conventional warmer months. 


We can design and build functional outdoor spaces that serve as a hub for entertaining yourself and your guests, throughout the year, from the warm glow of summer to the chilly evenings of winter. 


Note: If you wish, you can still renovate your home’s exterior and outdoor living space during fall and winter. It will require our experts to use specific tools, equipment and administer protocols to ensure that the project is completed safely. There might be delays due to unpredictable, cold weather.


Fall & Winter – Interior Home Renovations 

Outdoor and exterior improvements can still be executed during the fall season. There is still ample sunlight and ideal weather conditions to start and finish exterior projects. 


Nonetheless, shifting your home renovations and improvements internally as the cold weather approaches is a wise decision.  

Luxurious and modern living room 3D rendering

Renovators will not be delayed by weather issues that would normally affect external projects during the chilly winter months. They will be able to focus their efforts on upgrading your home’s interior without any external issues. 


Furthermore, opting to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or complete home will update its style and design, add comfort and quality to your lifestyle, and improve your home’s efficiency while increasing its value and curb appeal. 


Note: Interior renovations, particularly complete home projects, can still be handled during the summer months. 


Our Home Renovators are Available Any Time of the Year 


As we stated in our introduction, home improvements and renovations can be managed and executed at any time of the year. 

Renovations can satisfy your desire to transform your home while allowing you to continue making more beautiful memories in all seasons. 

With our team’s experience and knowledge, Ultimate Renovations can handle your projects in any season in 2021. 


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