With 2021 finally arriving, the time to start renovating your home has begun. Although many people opt for traditional projects, such as bathroom or kitchen renovations, we’re going to focus on your home’s lower level. 


In this segment, we look at a few innovative basement development ideas that will completely transform your home. You can experience the next level of comfort, style and value with these stunning 2021 ideas. 


Three Basement Renovation Ideas For 2021


Create An Open Concept For Your Basement 

Many basements can be cramped spaces, so one way to maximize space – and design – is to opt for an open-concept basement. By removing walls, you’ll create a barrier-free space that allows you to move freely around your lower level.


An open concept basement will use the naturally spacious structure of the basement, allowing you to create a multi-purpose room that suits your family’s needs. You can use it as a theatre room, man cave, gym or an enlarged workspace. 


The additional room throughout the basement will allow you to push past your design and creative limits, ensuring you have more flexibility to combine and mix styles (your Calgary home renovation company can help you with this if you struggle to find a delicate balance between styles). 


Significantly, the reduced level of confinement means that you and your family will breathe freely, enjoy movement and be able to experience a sanctuary with additional light and space.


Entertainment & Theatre Room 

If 2020 told us anything, it’s that homeowners are opting for stay at home entertainment. The rise of streaming services and newly-released movies being available for immediate purchase at home means that homeowners want to maximize their viewing experience. 


This is why choosing to transform your basement development into an entertainment and theatre room. You can include everything to truly bring home that cinema experience: sealed walls for soundproof, a projector screen, reclining seats, surround sound, popcorn machine, smartly-positioned lights, and advanced home automation systems. You can even add kitchenettes, bar areas or unique bathroom renovations so that the whole basement is your own little cineplex.   


You can also use it for more than movies. You can watch live sporting events or can catch-up on the latest binge-worthy shows. It’s a fantastic option for the whole family as you’ll all be able to experience the joys of the room. 


A High-Intense Gym Or A Relaxing Spa 

You can maximize the space of your basement in two very different ways. 


Firstly, you can use it as a gym thanks to its wide-open space and optimum position. Load up the equipment, create a space to work out and set up the areas within the basement where you do specific exercises. But it’s more than adding equipment to it; it’s about creating an atmosphere where you can truly thrive. 


beautiful cinema room


Change the painting, add layers of different lighting hues, install new windows for natural light, add in a TV or sound system, place a few inspiring quotations on the walls – whatever you see fit (no pun intended!) to help you create an authentic gym atmosphere in your basement. 


Secondly, you can opt for a more relaxing experience: creating a spa with all appropriate luxuries. You can include a steam tub, sauna, and massage room. Once again, choose lighting, designs or daily encouragement designs in the form of decor pieces (words like “relax”, “breathe”, “enjoy” are always helpful) to create a relaxing environment. 


It is even possible to set up a home gym and spa in the same basement space (especially if you maximized the open concept design we discussed above).


Why choose these options? It’s going to inspire you to maintain a balanced mind and body. And there’s nothing better than that! 


Whether as part of your complete home renovations in Calgary or just a standalone project, transforming your basement can elevate the atmosphere, quality of life and value of your property.


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