Adding an extension to your home can be a significant benefit. You can experience an upturn in value, enhance your home’s curb appeal and set your property up for your future. However, planning out a home addition isn’t a simple process. It requires time, patience and flexibility.

For those you don’t know anything about adding custom home builds in Calgary, it can be quite confusing with no starting point. This step-by-step breakdown can ensure that your home addition is a successful venture. 

7-Step Process For Home Additions in Calgary 

Identify key objectives 

Ask yourself what you want the project to achieve or what problems you want it to solve. Have a concrete plan early on what you want from the project, so you know why you’re investing in the home addition in the first place. Do you want bedrooms, bathrooms or both? Or do you want a room for entertainment? Your first starting point is deciding what you want from your project. 

Crunch the numbers

Crunching the numbers to decide whether you’re in the ballpark regarding the budget. Homeowners commonly underestimate remodelling costs, so make sure you always add 20% extra on top of the budget to cover for expenses. 

Plan Out What You Want 

When deciding on a home addition, building out or building up are the two options available. Choosing what you want can determine the impact of your project, it’s time and the complexity of its completion. Building out is a sensible strategy that requires less work and effort compared to building up. But adding another storey can preserve outdoor living space and add value to your home. Plan out what you want and how you want it done. 


Run it by a City Hall 

Remember that any addition to your home requires approval from the City of Calgary or the City of Edmonton. You have to make sure you fit into legal restrictions and building codes regarding what can be built on the property. Specific constraints include height restrictions, building area ratios, design covenants, and historic-district preservation ordinances. Make sure you meet all the regulations, or expect to be denied the application. If you need assistance with this process, it is best to speak to a professional. 

Hire professional renovators 

Custom home builds in Calgary is not a DIY project. You’re going to need professionals that can handle the job for you. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. What do you look for in a renovation company in Calgary? Here are a few key things:

  • Experience in the industry
  • A history of successful projects 
  • Quality in value, products and workmanship
  • Experience in kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and basement developments in Calgary 
  • Additional services such as an in-house designer that can assist you with a design consultation, construction drawings, and project management.

Take your time to research a company that suits your needs (or just sign up with Ultimate Renovations now!) 

Bring the design into focus with your renovators and designers 

Show the renovators your plans and what you want. They’ll inspect it, conduct an analysis of your home and determine if the plans are secure and possible. If not, they might suggest some changes that can help you with your project, as well as your budget restrictions. They’ll organize your plan so that it fits your lifestyle and steers you past the pitfalls of poor planning. They’ll give you a quote on their work for the project. 

Analyze the final drawing and crunch the numbers a final time 

Once you’re satisfied with the design, it’s time to take another look at the numbers – a tough look. Consider the cost of the renovators and how much renovations in Calgary will cost you in the long-term. If the numbers don’t look right, thinking about cutting something out of your plan or speaking to the renovators for assistance. If the numbers seem manageable, you’re all set to put your plan into action.

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